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Choosing the Right Training – Who Trained Your Trainer?

We hear so many nightmares from our Students and Colleagues in the Beauty business about the nail training that students receive. Worst of all they have paid for this, some by borrowing money from their family.

  • We hear about girls who have been painting their own nails ‘since I was little’ and now offer training!
  • We hear about girls who have learned about acrylic and / or gel nails on Youtube and are now having problems with their job
  • ‘My trainer didn’t tell me anything about the anatomy of nails and what I should know before working on customers hands’
  • ‘She didn’t tell me anything about what cuticles are and what they do?’
  • ‘I spent most of my savings on that course and they didn’t cover anything but polish painting!’
  • ‘I took out a loan to pay for my training. Now i’ll have to find some more money because I’m not confident in my nails’
  • ‘My trainer only showed me how to put nails on. She didn’t tell me what to do to correct them if they went wrong.’
  • ‘My tutor didn’t tell me what to expect when working in the industry’
  • ‘My course didn’t cover maintenance and re-balancing – I need to know this for my job’
  • ‘I kept asking questions but never got a proper answer – i don’t think she knew what to say….what a waste of money’
  • ‘Just when I thought I was nearly there, they asked me for more money for ‘top-up training’ before I could receive my certificate.’
  • ‘I finished my training, I have my certificate but I don’t feel like i’m good enough to be charging for my nails.’
  • ‘Why don’t my nails look like the ones that were advertised on their training brochure’

If ANY of the above ring a bell, then you have a problem. The Nail Business is one where just being pretty good isn’t enough. You have to be The Best to do well. You are performing nails on the hands of a paying client who will be looking at them all day for the next 2-3 weeks. Are you confident you have the skills and knowledge you need?

We cannot shout this loudly enough:


Being a Professional Nail Tech is a practical skilled career and can only be learned by actually doing them with the guidance of your tutor by your side. You cannot learn the craft in an afternoon or via an online course. To be fully covered by your insurance, you MUST have formal training, provided by an establishment which holds the relevant Accreditation qualifications from the industries governing bodies. If you learned how to do nails on somebodies Youtube channel, YOU ARE NOT INSURED! How will she do your practical assessments? It is essential that you pass these – it confirms that you are qualified and skilled to work on your clients hands. To be insured as a Professional Nail Technician, you must have a Certificate of Qualification provided by an Accredited Training Provider.

Ask yourself this, ‘would I be happy to pay good money to have my nails done by someone who’d learnt on the internet?’

If an unhappy client makes a claim on you for what can be a few thousand pounds, how will you deal with this?

At Nail Creation UK, we offer thorough in-depth training on Acrylic, Gel and Polish systems. Our Accredited Training Courses take place over a few days, include theory and a lot of practical work. You will be given practical assessments where we check your work to make sure you understand what you are doing. As we are in the room with you, we can point out where you need to improve, how to spot where your weaknesses are before you go too far and how to get the fabulous perfect nails you dream of being able to do.

Our Senior Trainer has owned her own salons and has been creating nails and competing for over 25 years. She has created over a million individual nails in this time. You can be sure she knows the business and how to produce perfect nails every time.

Our Senior Nail Creation UK Trainer has Created over 1 Million Nails in her 25 years in the business – can your trainer say that?

‘But you are more expensive than some of the others?’ Please remember that you are paying for our experience, the hours of training you will receive, our full career long ongoing support for as long as you need us after you have trained and all the advice you need whilst setting up your Nail Business and getting it off to a great start.

  • You can’t get 25 years of practical experience on Youtube!
  • You are paying for a few days training, not an afternoon in a hotel conference room!
  • You are paying for a smaller class size so that you get more attention – more hands on learning means better results
  • You will learn faster and get a better understanding of how to create beautiful nails AND run your Nail Business
  • You can ask questions and we make sure you receive an answer you understand

When choosing your Nail Trainer, please consider your options wisely and take into account all of the above. Choosing the right trainer will save you money in the long term. It will pay for itself in the first year, if not sooner! Choosing the wrong trainer may see you abandon your love of nails and fail in your first year because you don’t have the confidence and skills. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that if your clients feel the same, they won’t come back!

Word of Mouth is the best recommendation you can have – if you want to be successful, get the best training you can find

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