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Covid-19 Virus – Nail Tech and Salon PPE

We find ourselves in strange and difficult times in 2020. We have had many of our civil liberties taken from us. We are asked to stay home, be safe and protect the NHS. As frightening as this is, we are able to protect ourselves to a certain degree, with social distancing, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds and the use of salon PPE etc. Whilst we are not working in the salon environment or with clients this is extremely effective.

However currently we are unable to return to work at present and must refrain from doing so until the government say that it is safe to do so. No matter how hard it is financially, and it’s hard. This is not worth risking your health, your life and that of others too.

Here at Nail Creation UK thought that we would try at least, to keep you up to date on the COVID -19 pandemic and its effect on our industry.

Covid-19 disease image

 COVID-19  How the disease is spread:

At the beginning of the pandemic the information supplied to us by the government and the health authorities, we were advised that transmission of the virus was by touching a contaminated surface followed by touching your face, mouth, nose , eyes or by someone coughing or sneezing near you, thus the spray from the cough or sneeze contaminating your face.

After such point that the virus has settled onto the face or your hands, or a surface that you may then touch,  the virus could enter the lungs either through the mouth, eyes, nose again by more touching or eating and drinking and as such passing the virus into the lungs.

This is why social distancing was introduced, washing your hands and face and possibly changing clothes after leaving your home is recommended.

The latest research shows Water droplets from coughing and sneezing can be projected up to 24ft or 8m.

Sneezing and Coughing can also project much smaller microscopic droplets which can float in the air, and as such is thought that they can be inhaled.

……microscopic sneeze or cough droplets can float in the air for many hours

Breathing also produces very small microscopic aerosol droplets that have the ability to float in the air we breathe for hours.

So why are there so many social media adverts for Perspex / Plastic screens?

The screens similar to the ones seen in some supermarkets can provide protection against the large cough droplets, sounds great, right?

Unfortunately they don’t offer very much protection at all in shielding us against the smaller microscopic droplets or aerosol droplets as they are commonly phrased as they float along in the air.

Plastic Sneeze guard screen
Do your homework before investing in a Sneeze Guard Screen – They DO NOT protect you from airborne virus droplets

Have you ever wondered why it’s been your day off, you come back into your salon or nail station and wonder where all this dust came from! The microscopic aerosol droplet’s are much like this invisible nail dust. It floats around in the air unseen by ourselves. It can be inhaled deep into our lungs too if we do not take adequate measures to protect ourselves.

Therefore it goes without saying that the more clients you have or the more nail tech’s work together in a salon, the greater the concentration of ‘dust’ or in this case Covid-19 virus could be in the air. This therefore poses a much greater the risk!

In a nutshell!

Albeit that these screens may offer some protection against a client who was sat immediately opposite you coughing and sneezing (unlikely you would offer them treatment anyway!), please be very wary that you should only purchase equipment and salon PPE which includes Perspex or plastic screens or dust/vapour masks and filters which have been tested, certified and been proven scientifically to work. It is imperative that you purchase only from approved suppliers!

It is likely that the government may require hair, beauty and nail salons to stay closed to the public for a while longer along with other close contact services to provide some additional protection before being allowed to welcome clients old and new, back through the doors.

We do not know how and what treatments we will be able to proceed with either, so in times of great uncertainty and financial worries, perhaps it is better to wait and see what is needed before panic buying.

COVID-19 is a fast moving target that we are currently chasing and trying to overtake, we do not have the full facts and there is much we still need to know. It is possibly still not known by the scientists which size of ‘droplet’ contains enough virus to cause it to spread and infect others.

Therefore we can only work on the theory that any and all are enough until we are advised otherwise!

Remember Stay Home, Be Safe, Protect the NHS…………. HEALTH IS WEALTH!!!

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