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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Products?

It’s a very simple question isn’t it? You are working with your clients hands. You are applying chemical products to their hands for them to wear for a few weeks. You have taken payment for the service which means that there is no denying where any problem may have started.

You are responsible for your clients hands!!

There are two distinct areas of supply.

  1. Products and Systems of known origin
  2. Products and Systems Imported from an Unknown Origin

Products which you are able to source from a reputable manufacturer are the norm and there is much to be said for using products manufactured by the larger brand names. It is a commonly known fact that the best Nail Products come out of The Netherlands / Holland. We are very pleased to be The UK Distributor for one of the Largest manufacturers in Europe. The Nail Creation products are developed in our own laboratories, tested in a network of preferred salons before being marketed and sold to you. You have the reassurance of over 25 years in the industry. Many good reasons to use Nail Creation UK. Of course we are biased but the facts speak for themselves.

Don’t be fooled by nice packaging – you aren’t using that on your clients nails!!

Products Imported from outside of The EU (Europe): What can you say about their origin? What ingredients do they use? Do they use HEMA and MMA? If you have used their products and now have a problem, who do you talk to? There are many suppliers claiming to be UK Based. Maybe but where are they buying their stock from? You need to ask yourself these questions today.

Food for thought:

Note: All of the above are subject to your personal skill level – the more proficient you are with quality products, the better.

Note: The above figures are taken from a random search on ebay. In each case, when you scroll down for information, they state a delivery of 1-2 days yet the company address is in China. If these products damage your clients nails or simply perform badly, you may have to redo them for free, IF they come back!  Are the small savings really worth it bearing in mind what you are charging?

You need to know where your products are coming from. When they say ‘UK Seller’ on their ad, this means nothing – where are the products made? It is an unfortunate fact that the market is saturated with cheap imported nail products from outside The EU, predominantly China. The news of poor quality and in some cases, personal injury regrettably follows. There are may cases where Trading Standards have become involved, so please beware.

Do not be swayed by price – your livelihood is at stake!!

Our personal experience shows us that the premium quality EU Manufactured products far outperform the budget brands. The most notable issue was waste. For example, our Platinum Acrylic System does not run, it can be picked, placed and worked upon with no waste of product. A budget system in comparison does not perform any where near as well. It runs off, it does not bond well and you will spend more time chasing the bead than completing the nail set. You will waste product AND time, all of which cost money. That saving you made has just been wiped out because you’ve wasted product, your next client has been sat waiting for over half an hour and in 2 weeks time, this client calls you to complain because the budget brand acrylic nails you put on her have all come off!

Was it worth the 22p per set, 2p per finger (TWO PENCE) you saved??

If you have any doubts, please call today – we are happy to offer help and guidance.

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