Nail Creation Glamazone Shellac – Demonstration Video

Glamazone Shellac Demonstration Video – see how easy the best Premium Shellac Polish on the market is to use

Fast Flawless Finish Every Time | Super Easy Self Levelling Application | Scratch Resistant | Ultra Glossy Finish | Easy to Remove

step by step video:




The Complete Collection, including On The Rocks, Fairy Dust, In Your Dreams, Rebel and Purple Rain, all in 15ml Jumbo Bottles

A gorgeous collection of subtle tones and colours from the great Glamazone Shellac gel polish range by Nail Creation. Quick and easy self levelling application, hard wearing long life ultra glossy finish and easy to remove with minimal filing.

For perfect nails every day, beautiful colours, a unique shine, no sticky substance and yet strong enough to resist scratching, Glamazone has it all!

And don’t forget your essentials, base coat, top coat and / or super gloss for the nails which will have your clients re-booking every time.

Developed and tested with a 36W UV lamp. For superior, high gloss, hard wearing results we recommend using a good quality 48W LED UV Lamp, enabling you to work quicker and more profitably.

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