100/180 Combo Grit File, Lady

Ideal for filing the natural nail ready for new product and for fine refining after product application

  • 100/180 Dual Grit File
  • Flexible to use, flip over & carry on
  • Shaped to be comfortable in your hand
  • Straight edges, angles & rounded tip
  • Great for straight edges & angles


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The Lady Files are a 100/180 Grit file from the Royalty File Collection by Nail Creation. The Lady file is a dual grit file combining both the Duchess and Queen files in one. It is ideal for filing the nail in the early stages of nail preparation along with reducing and shaping product. This file allows for a quick change without having to change your file or pickup a second file. The file is a great shape, combining a full length straight edge along one side and a curved to the opposite side. You have the flexibility to achieve the best results, with straight edges and angles with minimal disruption.


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