100/180 Grit Combi File Buffer, Marquess

Ideal for filing the natural nail ready for new product and for fine refining after product application

  • 100/180 Dual Grit Padded File Buffer
  • Flexible to use, flip over & carry on
  • Shaped to be comfortable in your hand
  • Lasts longer than a white block buffer
  • Great for straight edges & angles


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The Marquess Files are a 100/180 Grit padded file / buffer from the Royalty File Collection by Nail Creation. A fantastic alternative to the traditional white block buffer, sitting comfortably in the technicians hand and on the clients nail. This file lasts much longer than the white block buffer too.

The Marquess buffer is ideal for finishing the nail in the later stages of nail application and finishing. It is a dual grit file with a different abrasive grit on either side. You have the flexibility to quickly change over without having to pick up a second file / buffer. The Emperor is ideally suited to smooth finishing prior to super shining with our Shiner Buffer or immediately prior to polish application.

The file is a great shape, combining a full length straight edge at along one side of the file and a curve to the opposite length. This all round file gives you true flexibility allowing you to achieve the best results with straight edges and angles.

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