THE BEST! Super High Gloss Gel Top Coat – Superior Gloss

Our Mega Glossy Gel Polish Top Coat, Thinner in Consistency than traditional gels, more like a polish style top coat

  • Uber-super duper high shine finish
  • Non-yellowing, flexible & easy to use
  • No sticky residue / tacky layer
  • Fantastic essential finishing touch
  • Create high gloss super classy nails


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Nail Creation Superior Gloss is a mega glossy gel polish style top coat, it is thinner in consistency to traditional gel systems, more like a polish style top coat. This gel top coat is suitable for use on all systems from Gel, Acrylic to Gel polish and best of all, theres no sticky residue after curing in a 36 watt UV Lamp (48w recommended).

Uber-Super High Shine | non – yellowing | no sticky residue / tacky layer | flexible |  | Fantastic essential finishing touch

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Weight .025 kg

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