UV Sculpting Gel, Builder Gel – White / Opaque 15ml/30ml

Superior Sculpting Gel. Natural light in feel & look. Very strong, thick consistency, natural base, perfect adhesion

  • Superior technology developed by us
  • Light in feel for a natural look
  • Great for regular maintenance
  • Very strong natural base
  • Adheres perfectly to the natural nail





Nail Creation’s Gel System has superior technology which results in natural-looking nail enhancements which are light in feel on the nail plate and thin enough to look natural. The Nail Creation product quality allows it to be worked on for maintenance without the compromising quality or serviceability.

This Builder Gel is strong and has a medium viscosity, thick enough to be placed on the nail tip without sliding or moving. This great feature allows you to sculpt into a precise position, creating crisp ‘smile’ lines to your whites. This product is OPAQUE WHITE in colour.

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