UV Sculpting Gel, Fiber Gel - White 15ml/30ml

An amazing 1 Phase Gel System. Superior Fiber Technology results in superb adhesion, strong, natural-looking nail enhancements every time.

  • Superior Fiber Glass Reinforced UV Gel
  • Self-Levelling, Pliable & Easy To Use
  • Incredible workability, Minimal filing
  • Natural-looking nail enhancements
  • High gloss Self Finishing




Prepare to be amazed by this One Phase Gel System! Nail Creation’s Gel System has superior technology which results in natural-looking nail enhancements. The Nail Creation One Phase Gel System is what happens when SILK MEETS GEL. Being classed as a single-phase gel, it does not need excessive filing after curing.

The special formula provides ultimate adhesion and great pliability ensuring workability and durability with no lifting or cracking. This Gel system is also a great choice for building and repairing broken nails. Additionally, the gel does not need a top coat as it cures with its own high gloss finish.

This gel is Natural looking, SOFT White for creating a natural healthy looking French polish..

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