The Nail Creation Story

Nail Creation was established in 1993 by Armand Hoes, the first to introduce acrylic nails to Europe. Since the company formed, Nail Creation has grown to be an international organisation with our own factory producing competition quality, award winning nail products and systems. With a great reputation for excellence, the business has grown and now exports worldwide. The foundation of our success lies in the impeccable quality of our products, from the finest blend of acrylic powders, the impeccable strength and clarity across the brand, always putting the safety of clients (ours and yours) first. We complete our service with an unbeatable personal touch and attentive customer care.

In addition to developing, manufacturing and selling nail products, we also offer help and guidance to our customers by means of a complete concept which ensures success in your salon. We have an extensive education program, specialist training, retraining and re-fresher courses to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest trends and product developments.

Nail Creation UK

Nail Creation offers not only the highest quality products on the market, but also allows you to take advantage of more than 25 years of knowledge and experience at the highest level in the nail industry.

Why Nail Creation is Perfect for Your Salon – To be The Best, Choose The Best!

Nail Creation offers you the highest quality products on the market, backed up with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience at the highest level in the nail industry.

The foundation of our success lies in the impeccable quality and the finest products which we research, test, develop and manufacture in our own facilities in The Netherlands. This means we are in full control of producing a continued supply of consistent quality products for you which you can have total confidence in.

  • Competition Quality, Award Winning Systems made by us and brought to you by well respected Award Winning, highly experienced Nail Technicians
  • HEMA Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Animal Friendly
  • Consistently reliable innovative, high quality brand
  • Fast, flawless, durable, time saving and cost effective products
  • Exceptional Adhesion, Consistent full coverage, highly pigmented colours for a luxurious finish every time
  • Developed by Our Scientists and Nail Technicians to be user friendly
  • Efficient, Precise and Profitable, with your salon in mind
  • All Products EU Compliant
  • Skills & One-to-One Training at your location, designed and scheduled around your needs. We remove the inconvenience of cars, trains and hotel expenses.
Nail Creation Nails

Turn your passion into reality…

Choosing Nail Creation means choosing a successful future with exceptional support, guidance and products which you can rely on. With our help, we can turn your passion and dreams into reality.

And please remember, there are no shortcuts to quality and experience – invest in the best training and materials, they will pay you back time and time again.

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