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Thank you to everybody who have attended one (or more) of our training courses. We’ve loved having you. Please enjoy your new skills and good luck with your careers and the new products you have chosen… and remember we are just a phone call away.


I switched to Nail Creation after a lovely chat with them at Manchester 2017. The products are great… i am amazed just how long  and jar of UV Gel, a bottle of polish, even the acrylic powder and liquid systems last me. I am am better off because they cost almost the same as the other stuff i’d been using, but they last loads longer meaning i am actually saving!! Thank you Nail Creation – well worth the long trip from Scotland

Jennie K, Glasgow. Multiple range products user


I switched to Nail Creation after many years with the usual crowd. I used the Shellac polish and the Gel system. Great results and my ladies love that their nails still look great after weeks of wearing.

Kara C, Blackpool. Glamazone Shellac and UV Gel user


I had a demo with Nail Creation at an exhibition in Manchester. I loved the Fiber Gel UV system and took some home. Almost a year later and i absolutely love the Fiber Gel and Builder gels. My ladies love that they can have their gel nails on for months. All they have to do is have a re-balance and then pick a different colour polish if they fancy a change. The record is 7 months between first set and complete new set…  just brilliant….. Thank you NCUK for what you’ve done to my business.

Rachel D, Bolton, Fiber Gel, Glamazone Shellac and Solid Lac user.


thesugarrooms Thank you so much @nailcreationuk. Wouldn’t be without your brand now! Every single one of your products are amazing! All our new products ready to make miracles

The Sugar Rooms, Kayleigh K. Prescott. Multi-product user


I use Nail Creation Platinum 2.0 Acrylic Liquid and Powder system. What can i say other than there’s nothing i’ve used in 12 years of nails that does what this system does. It goes where i want it and does everything i ask from it. I sent one of my girls into their training centre and she picked up the technique before the full course had finished, its so easy to work with. Thank you NCUK, i’ve two more girls coming your way soon!

Pam K, Coventry. Experienced Platinum Acrylic user


Hi, a few words about the Gel and Acrylic Nails products by Nail Creation. I was very unsure about them as i hadn’t heard much about them – they are pretty big in Europe apparently. I spoke to Victoria about the range. She was great and talked me through everything. I bought a small uv gel and a small acrylic set to try at home. A couple of calls back to Victoria for some advice and i am now producing the best nails ever!!! The stuff is great, i’ve just ordered my third middle sized bottle of liquid, 3 different powders plus a large Fiber Gel Light Pink. Next of my list is a selection of their Shellac polishes. Great stuff, thank you.

Ali O. Sunderland. UV Gel and Platinum Acrylic user


I have been using ### and ### (edited out!) for my polishes forever. In simple terms, i got tired of being messed about, things coming late (sometimes very…… i mean 5 months for 100 files!!!???). I asked around, talked to others on facebook and decided i’d try Nail Creation for my polishes. Their Glamazone Shellac is great, every bit as good as what id been using before AND i get everything in a 15ml bottle for the same as what i’d been paying ### for a 7ml bottle so my pocket benefits too!! A free sample of their Solid Lac Pure Gel Polish was a lovely surprise last week. I’ve used it and that’s great too so far – i’ll be getting some of that on my next order. Thank you.

Paula W. Manchester. Glamazone Shellac user


I had a customer in who said to me, ‘I’m going away to Las Vegas for my holiday with the girls. Whats the best polish to can put on me?’ We gave her our Solid Lac 100% pure colour Gel Polish in ‘Summer Cocktail’. What can i say. When she came home and back into the salon 3 weeks later, she said ‘this polish is brilliant… we went out every night, we went in the pool or shopping every day and when we got home, out of the five of us, there was only me who still had a full set of nail son… superb, get me in for some more, only this time dark red please!! I don’t need to write these reviews when the products do it for me!! Thank you NC.

Emily G. Leeds. Solid Lac and Fiber Gel user.



I’ve been on other courses and the training provided by NCUK is by far the most thorough and in-depth course I’ve ever been on. Well worth the extra few pennies. Thank you Victoria

Chloe T, Leeds. Liquid & Powder Foundation Course


After very disappointing training with other providers and talking to friends, it was suggested I try Nail Creation Uk. What a difference. Nothing was too much trouble. Victoria has the patience of a saint and no matter how stupid my questions were, she was there to help. Thank you so much. I will be telling my friends.

Sarah G. Sheffield. Liquid & Powder Foundation Course


I heard about Nail creation Uk from a friend who was also looking into training. All I wanted was to be able to do my own nails better so I booked on a Shellac Beginners Course. I’d never heard of Nail Creation but the products are great – highly recommended. I am now thinking I might look for a job in a salon!! Thank You.

Jo M. Wakefield. Glamazone Shellac Foundation Course


I’d been working with acrylic liquid and powder nails for some time before I took time off to have a family. Rather than just dive straight back in after 6 years off and thinking product and things might have moved along a little since then, I thought I’d refresh myself before starting again. Best idea I had this year. The Nail Creation Acrylic System is so much better than the stuff I used before. The training by Victoria is so detailed I learned things I never knew even going back to when I did it before! Thank you. I’ll be in touch very soon about the UV Gel training.

Alisha N. Dewsbury. Liquid & Powder Foundation Course


After asking around, I decided to talk to Nail Creation UK about training. I was a little nervous after the last ‘thorough training course designed to get you into work straight away’ proved to be a waste of time and money. I talked things through with Victoria and I booked on the beginners course for Acrylic Nails. All I can say is wow – why didn’t I come to you first?!? Great training and products. I’ll be back for more soon!!!

Angela D, Doncaster. Acrylic Liquid & Powder Foundation Course


Hi, thank you for your training. I learnt so much and Victoria was great. She obviously knows her stuff and has been doing it a long time. I would like to do more training when I can afford it. Thank you.

Carly K, Huddersfield. Glamazone Shellac Foundation Course


I decided to go for the One to One training in my own salon because its difficult to get out of my salon. Victoria came to my salon 3 times with her very comprehensive kit. She took me through everything from Shellac polish systems, Colour and glitter gel to Gel and Acrylic enhancements. Cannot recommend her enough. She is very patient, more than knows her stuff and the products are great. I’ve used other systems but had lost my confidence. I’ve got my Nail Mojo back and that’s all down to Victoria and Nail Creation. My bookings are up too so thank you very much.

Faye W, Stockport. One to One Master Class (x3!)


We are very lucky to have so many people who are happy to write such lovely things about our courses. There are many more. Thank you all, we hope to see you again soon.



Nail Creation UK
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